High-grade steel

When Bernhard Hüntelmann founded his company in 1988, no one would have expected the company to become one of the leading steel and mechanical engineering companies in north-west Germany.
Particularly in the field of sheet processing, Hüntelmann impresses with its competence and state-of-the-art technology. With production areas covering a total 16,000 square meters, we are always working to improve the quality of our products and continually optimize processes - from consulting to production and delivery.

It is particularly important for us to implement individual customer requirements and specific requirements, so we can maintain our position as a popular metal specialist in the market.

We are now operating with over 140 employees at the factory in Werpeloh (Emsland/Lower Saxony). More than 50 of these employees have welder certificates and are professionals in this trade!

We are also making advances when it comes to digitisation: Our parts are digitally planned on the computer and then manufactured by the intelligent, interconnected machines, for example using stp., dxf and dwg transfer.

Hüntelmann – Strong leadership

Martin Münster

Martin Münster

Head of Drainage Machines

+49 05952 9394-0

Jürgen Hüntelmann

Jürgen Hüntelmann

Managing Partner

+49 05952 9394-0

We are big.

Further refinement of steel

In addition to metalworking, another important pillar is our surface technology department, which was created in 2008. We are able to apply high-quality KTL and powder coatings to our products. It completes our ability to refine metal from the first to the last step.

Connecting individual parts to form a unified whole

Not only parts, but also large and complex complete machines, namely the highly specialized drainage machines, regularly leave our production facilities. These machines are required all over the world for simple and fast excavation or ploughing of shafts for drainage or cable routing.