Trenchers and plows "Made in Germany"

We have been manufacturing parts, components and assemblies for more than 25 years to manufacture modern drainage machines. The acquisition of the drainage machinery business from Dynapac offered an excellent opportunity.
We have been producing the internationally popular drainage machines under our own name since 2009 and are constantly developing them with the active support of the affiliated company divisions. We have also taken over and developed the production of spare parts for these machines.


The machines are built entirely in-house. From the finishing of the sheets, to the individual components, to the assembly, every step is done under our quality control in Germany.
In general, our trenchers and ploughs are built for global use. We deliver to Africa, America, Asia, the Middle East, CIS countries and, of course, Europe.

Versatile and powerful - the TITAN ploughs

Ploughing is a trenchless laying technique. It is not necessary to fill the trench here, since there is almost no damage to the surface. In addition, working speeds are significantly higher than when milling.
Our drainage ploughs, named TITAN 625, 785 and 786 , are equipped with oscillating D7 drives and a two-way hydrostatic drive. In addition, the machine offers high traction performance through dynamic load shifting. Other features: Single-person operation, cornering, burr bed control and driver's cabins attached to the bar or main frame.

State-of-the-art – GIGANT Milling

Our latest development is Gigant 1900 trencher, equipped with Volvo diesel engines, meets the current emission limit values. New features include automotive operation, hydraulically driven milling chain, load sensing technology, advanced control technology, visualisation and monitoring systems, and tilt control.
By controlling the diesel engine, maximum energy saving operation is achieved and the newly developed control technology enables much more diagnostic functions and remote maintenance.

The range also includes the millers GIGANT 3000 and 3600: The heavy trenchers are used for deep trenches with large pipe diameters, for example in pipe and cable installation. The 3600 is specially designed for groundwater reduction, e.g. on larger construction sites.

Need more individuality?

Individuality is our daily business. Each individual customer has individual, special requirements.
We offer specialized solutions to meet your needs.