We offer individual solutions

Plant engineering
Complex industrial installations or machines must run and function efficiently. It is not uncommon for the associated components to be made to order. We supply and manufacture the right parts for all plants!

Construction and work machines
Heavy equipment, such as construction and work machinery, requires stable and special steel parts. We develop and manufacture these for various manufacturers, always in close cooperation

Rail technology
Railway technology is one of our specialist areas. With our experience and expertise, we manufacture parts or cabins for railways. In addition to being certified, we also know about the specific technical requirements for the components.

Today, modern shipbuilding requires a wide range of metal parts in special functions. Our experience is particularly in demand for superstructures on deck.

Special vehicle construction
Special vehicles are often highly specialised in a certain activity. We help machine builders to manufacture certain parts and assemblies professionally and act as suppliers.

Need more individuality?

Individuality is our daily business. Each individual customer has individual, special requirements.
We offer specialized solutions to meet your needs.